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Suffolk Disability Information



This website is for YOU if:


You are someone who has a disability that makes day to day living difficult;

You are ill or have had an accident;

You use a wheelchair;

You have difficulty seeing or hearing;

You are caring for someone;

Whatever the cause, whatever the reason, this website is for you.

It is about enabling you to make greater use of the facilities available, finding new opportunities and experiences, and getting more out of life.

We have tried to make each section as comprehensive as possible. However, because there is a degree of overlap between subjects, additional information could be found in other sections. For this reason, we advise browsing through the whole site to gain the maximum benefit.

If you find any errors or have any suggestions about changes or improvements please contact your local Disability Advice Service or DIAL. Alternatively, you can either send us information by using the feedback form or you can e-mail us at info@dialnet.f2s.com.

The information contained on this website is available as a handbook and can also be obtained in a large print or audio version. If you know someone who would like a handbook, please contact your local Disability Advice Service or DIAL.



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